60 Minute Workout: Tempo Runs With A Twist

Whether youre training for a fast 5K or getting ready to race a marathon, sprinkling a tempo run or two into your training schedule will give you a lot of bang for your buck. And while the definition of a tempo run depends on who youre talking to, for our purposes here, well use half-marathon race pace as our target effort level. Yielding many benefits, including increased stamina and enhanced efficiency, the tempo run also helps you develop the confidence to run your goal race pace for a prolonged period of time. Races, however, arent always Max Workouts run at an even effort from start to finish, so its important to practice changing gears during some of your toughest training runs. Tempo runs with a twist are an effective way to do just that. So, whats the twist? Its as simple as sprinkling a short burst of 30 to 60 seconds into your tempo runs every fifth or 10th minute. Such a practice will better prepare you for the rigours of racing, which often involves changing gears, and will also help keep your mind and legs sharp when your focus starts to fade.
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